Doctor of Philosophy, Microsystems Engineering | RIT
2018 — 2021, GPA: 3.94/4

Dissertation: Advanced Nanostructured III-Nitride LEDs for Display Applications

Master of Science, Material Science and Engineering | RIT
2016 — 2018, GPA: 3.6/4

Thesis: Optimization of Dry and Wet GaN Etching to Form High Aspect Ratio Nanowires

Bachelor of Science, Microelectronic Engineering | RIT
2013 — 2018, GPA: 3.6/4

Capstone Project: Design of a 30 nm gate length vertical GaN nanowire transistor


CTO & Co-Founder | Innovation Semiconductor
Sept 2019 — Present

· Technical Leadership: Spearheaded all technical aspects, from device physics simulations, mask design, to device testing, ensuring the company remained at the forefront of industry innovations
· Innovation: Pioneered novel monolithic LED-FET technology and color tunable InGaN LEDs compatible with existing semiconductor infrastructure.
· Patent Development: Authored and prosecuted five patents, showcasing the company's pioneering work in the semiconductor space. (Refer to the patent section for details.)
· Business Acumen: Delivered compelling business presentations to stakeholders, securing buy-in for strategic initiatives and fostering partnerships.
· Production Oversight: Collaborated closely with the production foundry, ensuring alignment with company objectives and addressing production challenges.
· Team & External Management: Supervised external contract engineers, ensuring timely and quality delivery of projects.
· Startup Challenges: Navigated the challenges and complexities of a startup environment.

Research Assistant | RIT
May 2018 — May 2021

· Invented vertical nanowire GaN transistors.
· Developed GaN LEDs for alternative current operation.
· Conducted research on various surface treatments for GaN.
· Investigated the integration of GaN and Si, as well as flexible nanowires.
· Examined AlGaN deep ultraviolet nanowires with reverse taper.
· Created unique GaN processes exclusive to the lab.
· Advanced ideas from simulation to fabrication to characterization.

Intern | Texas Instruments
May 2017 — Aug 2017

· Collaborated with a team on a BiCMOS process.
· Optimized an RTP Spike anneal step.
· Ran statistical analysis of sheet resistances.

Intern | Northrop Grumman ATL
May 2016 — Aug 2016

· Implemented a new silicide process for SiC SITs, resulting in improved performance.
· Innovated a bi-layer resist lift-off process for improved fabrication efficiency.
· Determined the metal work function in the SiC process through testing and analysis.

Intern | Northrop Grumman ATL
June 2015 — Dec 2015

· Created a metal lift-off for GaN devices.
· Conducted a DOE to optimize a Bosch process.
· Modeled capacitor lifetimes for time to failure.

Select Publications

Proposal and realization of V-groove color tunable µLEDs

Optics Express, 2022

Color tunable micro LEDs (µLEDs) utilizing V-grooves to alter Indium content during growth are introduced, enabling a range of emission from 425 to 640 nm. The V-grooves, employing semi-polar crystal planes and strain relaxation, result in varying Indium concentrations across different regions, demonstrated across µLEDs sized 2 to 500 µm.

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Monolithic Integration of GaN Nanowire Light-Emitting Diode with Field Effect Transistor

IEEE EDL, 2019

This study presents a novel vertical integration of GaN LEDs with nanowire field effect transistors (FETs) to address the challenge of integrating transistors for control in next-gen display tech. Utilizing a common GaN template layer, this integration facilitates area savings, easier fabrication, and showcases improved light modulation and a significant enhancement in the Ion to Ioff ratio compared to other integration schemes.

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AlGaN nanowires with inverse taper for flexible DUV emitters

J. Phys. Photonics, 2021

This work demonstrates the creation of flexible deep ultraviolet AlGaN LEDs using a wet etching process on nanowires with an inverse taper profile. The etched nanowires, when embedded in a polymer, allow for the removal from their growth substrate, paving the way for high-efficiency flexible micro-LEDs.

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More Articles


[1] M. Hartensveld and J. Zhang “Nanowire Light Emitting Switch Devices and Methods Thereof,” 11011571, 2021. Patent regarding vertically integrated LED-FET.
[2] M. Hartensveld and J. Zhang “Capacitive Control of Electrostatic Field Effect Optoelectronic Device,” 2019, Patent pending. Capacitive integrated control over charges in optoelectronic devices.
[3] M. Hartensveld “Monolithic Semiconductor LED Display Systems and Methods Thereof”, 2020, Patent pending. Integrated transistor logic in a micro-LED display system.
[4] M. Hartensveld “Volume Engineering for LEDs and Methods Thereof”, 2021, Patent pending. Engineering the volume of the n-type and p-type regions for reduced LED efficiency droop.
[5] M. Hartensveld “Monolithic Color-Tunable Light Emitting Diodes and Methods Thereof”, 2022, Patent pending. InGaN color tunable LEDs engineered with differing crystal planes and strain reduction.
[6] M. Hartensveld “Color-Tunable LED Elements and Display Systems and Methods Thereof”, 2023, Patent Pending. InGaN color tunable LEDs growth method and further integration methodology.
[7] M. Hartensveld “Optoelectronic Isolations and methods thereof”, 2023, Patent Pending. Novel monolithic isolation structure for flexible circuit design and high-resolution passive matrixes.


SEMICON 20 Under 30 | SEMI

SEMICON West's 20 Under 30 is a distinguished awards program that identifies the industry’s brightest young leaders who demonstrate outstanding leadership, practice productive collaboration, and have demonstrated success in their careers in microelectronics.

Emerging Leader Award | RIT

This award is presented to KGCOE alumni who graduated within the last ten years, and it recognizes your professional accomplishments as well as, your dedication, support, and service to the college and RIT.

Renan Turkman Scholar Award | RIT

Demonstrated excellence in the field of microelectronics.

Outstanding Performance | Northrop Grumman ATL

Helped the ATL Argon team overcome obstacles and challenges to meet the program’s timetable for delivery.